Why Visit Brier Island?

Why Visit Brier Island NS

Brier Island is charming, remote, and welcomes visitors – both human and animal – to the entrance of the Bay of Fundy. Surrounded by nature, you can relax, unplug, and truly appreciate the slower pace of life in Westport, the island’s small community.

There are many reasons to visit Brier Island; keep reading to find out about the migratory whales, interesting coastal geology, abundant birdlife, and varied wildflowers.

Explore Geology

brier island rocks

Formed by ancient lava flows, Brier Island’s unique geology is unmistakable. Clusters of polygonal basalt columns rise out of the waves, stretching along the shoreline like tiny skyscrapers. Walking along the flat-topped columns makes it easy for adventurous visitors to explore the coastline.

On the pebble beaches, rockhounds can search for colourful minerals (such as amethyst and jasper) trapped inside small rocks. These mineral deposits (amygdules) were formed in the air bubbles left behind by cooling lava. Just another reminder of Brier Island’s volcanic past.

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Discover Whales

Whale Tale Brier Island

The Bay of Fundy is a feeding ground that attracts herring, mackerel, lobster, and the yearly return of whales. Around Brier Island you’ll find some of Nova Scotia’s best whale watching (5 species!) as well as dolphins & porpoises playing in the waves, seals sunning themselves on rocks, and the occasional sunfish. Seems that even sea creatures like to visit Brier Island.

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Bird Watch

Birds of Brier Island

Brier Island is a regular stop-over on the Atlantic Flyway migratory route for land birds, and an abundant feeding ground for seabirds, making it one of Nova Scotia’s best birding destinations.

Even veteran birders are impressed with Brier Island – over 300 species of birds have been identified. Whether you’re watching seabirds dive for their supper, or listening to songbirds amidst grasses and wildflowers, you’ll find your Brier Island visit teeming with bird life.

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Appreciate Wildflowers

Brier Island flowers and plants

Brier Island has a hefty diversity of wildflowers, many delivered to the island by the migratory birds. Much of Brier Island is undeveloped, and in such a pristine natural environment, plant life thrives.

Of special note is the tiny yellow Eastern Mountain Aven. A rare endangered species, it only grows in two places in the world, and Brier Island is one of them.

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