When to Visit Brier Island

A trip to Brier Island is an adventure: driving along the picturesque Digby Neck, snaking downward to the ferry at Petit Passage, crossing Long Island, then finally traversing the powerful Grand Passage (on yet another ferry). Before you begin your adventure you’ll want to know the best time to visit Brier Island.

To help you decide when to visit Brier Island we’ve put together the following ‘When to Visit Brier Island’ infographic. It’s a fun way to discover the monthly highlights of Brier Island, and the best weather.

When to Visit Brier Island Infographic

The Tourist Season

The locals live on Brier Island year round and both the Petite & Grand Passage ferries run 24 hours. However, the main tourist months are June, July, August, and September. These months have the warmest weather, and they’re also when the whales return. Visiting Brier Island in the shoulder months (May and October) means colder temperatures and fewer tourist services.

Tim’s family once visited Brier Island in early May. The charming pace of life & interesting landscapes were present, but the public indoor flush bathroom was not yet open. “Bushing it” was not their favourite part of the visit.

The Best Time to Visit Brier Island

We recommend visiting Brier Island in early August because it has the best mix of conditions.

  • All 5 species of whales return to the Bay of Fundy
  • The Brier roses are still blooming
  • The weather is warmest, and there’s the least chance of rain

No matter when you visit Brier Island you are going to experience something special. Its interesting geology, varied flora & fauna, and charming fishing village atmosphere guarantee a memorable vacation.

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