Brier Island Whale Watching Tips

Whale Watching Tips - a humpback whale surfaces

Whale watching is the top activity on Brier Island, one of the best places in the eastern Maritimes to see these giant ocean dwellers in their home.

Before you hit the water camera in hand, take a look at these whale watching tips to keep comfortable, healthy, and well-fed.

  • Make a reservation. Whale watching on Brier Island is popular, reserve in advance especially during the summer months. Reserve by phone or online with any of the three companies listed below.
  • Arrive early. Be sure you arrive at Brier Island in plenty of time if you’re booked on a morning tour. Pay careful attention to the ferry schedule, or spend the night on the island to avoid missing your departure.
  • Be understanding of Mother Nature. Whale watching on Brier Island is weather-dependent, and tours do not depart when the weather is dangerous. Refunds and vouchers are available for canceled tours. If possible leave room in your schedule in case the weather turns foggy or rainy.
  • Avoid getting seasick. Bring seasickness medicine (for it to be effective, take it at least 30 minutes before your tour departs).
  • Be prepared for the cold. It’s much colder out on the water than it is on land. Take a warm (winter) jacket, hat, and gloves. If you’re on a Zodiac tour you’ll be given a bright orange survival suit that is toasty warm, but a hat and gloves are still recommended.
  • Think about food. Boat tours are several hours long, so be sure to eat a good meal before you go. Take a snack or lunch on the long-duration tours so you don’t get hungry.
  • Remember sun protection. It will feel cold, but you can still get sunburned. Put on sunblock before you go watching on Brier Island, and bring sunglasses so you’re not squinting during your tour.
  • Bring your camera. If you’re worried about water damage, bring a protective case or plastic bag to protect your camera (or phone) from sea spray. Take as many photos as you like; they’ll always be a reminder of your experience.

A whale watching tour might be one of the most memorable experiences from your visit to Nova Scotia. Your whale watching tour awaits on Brier Island.


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