North Lighthouse to Seal Cove Hike – Brier Island

Seal Cove hike on Brier Island

This short coastal trail starts at the North Lighthouse and follows the basalt cliffs through brier rose thickets to Seal Cove. This pebble beach is best visited at low tide, when the noisy seals are sunning themselves on the rocks. When the tide returns all you’ll see are seal heads poking out of the water. The seals scare easily. Be careful not to frighten them off with loud sounds as you approach the cove.

Difficulty: easy: short hike with mostly even terrain (one hill with loose rocks for 10m / 30ft)

Length: 1km / 0.6mi (about 15 min one way)

Highlights: North Lighthouse, grey and harbour seal colony, grassy banks, basalt cliffs

Getting there: Follow the dirt road from town to the North Lighthouse, where you’ll find a gravel parking lot by the Coast Guard station. The trail begins left / west of the Coast Guard station.

Seal Cove ParkingPark anywhere there isn’t a “No Parking” sign. The trail to Seal Cove doesn’t have a sign. It starts on the left in this photo.


Tracks are the trail on the Seal Cove Hike on Brier IslandThe hike to Seal Cove is unmarked, but the tracks are easy to follow.


Seal Cove Hike on Brier IslandThe trail leads along the Fundy coast.


Caution sign on the trail to Seal Cove on Brier IslandThere’s one short hill with loose rocks. This caution sign is in among the trees, but it can be seen clearly.


Loose rock section on the trail to Seal Cove on Brier IslandThis is where the rocks are loose and can be slippery. Be careful on this section, or go around it.


Brier Roses on the trail to Seal Cove on Brier IslandThickets of Brier Roses on the way to Seal Cove.


Seals at Seal Cove on Brier Island

Seals! At low tide you’ll find seals out in the cove, sunning themselves on rocks. They can be very noisy, and aren’t shy about pushing each other off the rocks when the tide starts to come in.


A swimming seal at Seal Cove on Brier Island

When the tide gets higher the seals still swim around the cove, but they can be harder to see. Just their heads will pop up above the water.


Looking back at the North Lighthouse from the trail to Seal Cove on Brier Island

A look at the hike back to the North Lighthouse.