Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit to Brier Island Nova Scotia

We’re so excited that you’re going to visit! Planning a trip to Brier Island is a great way to get off the beaten path and relax. This fascinating island may well be the highlight of your trip to Nova Scotia. Let’s make certain that it is.

Keep reading for the best times to visit, restaurant reviews, accommodations, services, and (most importantly) how to get to Brier Island.

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Getting to Brier Island Nova Scotia

Brier Island ferry infront of the lodge

An adventure in itself, the road to Brier Island takes you on a scenic drive through the Digby Neck, across the Petit Passage, over Long Island, and across the Grand Passage. A shuttle can bring you from Digby or Halifax, but Brier Island is best explored in your own vehicle.

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Westport Brier Island houses

An overnight stay at Brier Island gives you a chance to relax and take in the sunset at West Lighthouse, or watch the sheep “mow” the grass as you eat supper at the Brier Island Lodge. Stay on the island, and you can take your time enjoying a hot breakfast before an early morning whale watching cruise.

Whether you’re interested in a cozy B&B, a private apartment across from the water, or a luxurious Jacuzzi room, Brier Island has something for you. Update: as of November 2015 the Brier Island backpacker hostel has closed permanently.

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Restaurants & Dining

Berry dessert with spoons

Not surprisingly, Brier Island’s specialty is seafood! Fresh haddock, lobster, and seafood chowder can be found on every menu on the island (as well as mainland favourites like hamburgers and chicken fingers).

There are three restaurants to choose from on Brier Island, and the dining atmosphere varies from casual cafeteria-style to slightly upscale. Make sure you check the hours for the restaurants – not all are open for every meal.

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When to Visit Brier Island Nova Scotia

rose buds and little pond

The main tourist season is from July to October, and each month offers a different version of Brier Island. If we had to pick the “best” month we’d recommend August. By then all five whale species have arrived, and August has the least rain. However, if you a bird fan, late September heralds an impressive hawk migration.

Whenever you choose to visit, don’t forget to bring warm clothing. The wind, fog, and the evening temperature-drop will leave you chilly.

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Brier Island General Store

Brier Island, Nova Scotia is remote yet comfortable. Mail postcards from the post office, or freshen up your wardrobe at the laundromat; at the general store you’ll be able to get just about everything you’d need during your visit: groceries, ice, alcohol, gas, hardware, and fishing supplies.

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that there’s a dog-sitting service available. That way Rover won’t get lonely when you’re out whale watching.

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Now you’ve planned your visit, you’d better get our colourful tourist map. That way you’ll have everything you need all in one place: landmarks, services, and attractions.

Print it out and take it with you when you go. No batteries necessary!