Lighthouse Café Photo Review

The Lighthouse Cafe on Brier Island (outside)

Located next to the R.E. Robicheau General Store, the Lighthouse Café is the only restaurant on Brier Island open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This cafeteria-style restaurant features mostly fried food, along with sandwiches, local seafood specialties, ice cream, and homemade desserts.

Order your meal at the back counter, and seat yourself at a table or on a stool looking out the window until your number is called.

Heading out on a whale watching tour? Ask the cashier to have your meal packed to go.

Our Dining Experience

The Lighthouse Café wasn’t our only option for lunch (the General Store sells sandwiches, and Lavena’s Catch was a ferry-ride away), but it was the nicest option and it delivered on both taste and value.

The Lighthouse Cafe on Brier Island (inside)

The café is long, narrow, and big windows let in plenty of sunlight. It can get busy around mealtimes, so arrive early if you want a seat. It’s also a popular place for hand-scooped ice cream; there can be a long line up at the cash on a hot day.

Grand Passage Burger

The menu has typical cafeteria-type offerings (burger, fries, poutine) as well as locally caught fish & chips, but by far the most interesting thing on the menu is the well-advertised Grand Passage Burger.

Lighthouse Cafe menu board with the Grand Passage Burger

We figured the only place we could get a “Grand Passage Burger” was beside the Grand Passage (between Brier Island and Long Island). We couldn’t pass it up. That, and we were sure the ½ lb handmade patty could feed both of us.

The Grand Passage Burger doesn’t come with fries, but if you can eat a plate of fries after polishing this thing off, congratulations. You would defeat us in an eating contest.

You can request special toppings when you order, but the burger came with plenty (we had it “with everything”). If you’re sharing the burger, they can cut it in half for you.

Grand Passage Burger at the Lighthouse Cafe on Brier Island

After 10-15 minutes (it says on the menu that the burger will take this long to make and cook), our number was called and the burger came out on a plate. It looked BIG, and got some curious glances from our fellow diners.

This burger didn’t just look big, it was big: I could wrap my hands around it, but I couldn’t take a whole bite out of it. Determined to consume this burger, I changed my strategy to taking a bite from the top, then one from the bottom (it worked).

Eating the Grand Passage burger at the Lighthouse Cafe on Brier Island

The bun itself was plain, smooth, and tasted sweet like a dinner roll – not a typical sesame seed burger bun. It tasted different than what I expected.

The burger itself was delicious, and the thick patty was evenly cooked. The texture wasn’t too hard or too soft, and it was the same size as the bun (no need to eat through the bun to get to the burger).

The smoky bacon on the burger was soft and chewy; crisp lettuce and tomato slices added some crunch.

Fortunately, we thought to grab napkins and forks when our burger arrived. The sauce came out all over my hands and we used the forks to eat the toppings that fell onto the plate (wet naps would have been nice).

Eating the burger was a challenge because of the size, and the amount of sauce. In our opinion the burger had a little too much: mayo made the burger messy to eat, and it would have had enough flavour without it.

The Grand Passage burger was a lot of fun to try, and it’s one of the most unique offerings at the Lighthouse Café. Bring a friend or a big appetite.

Useful Information

  • Breakfast is served 8am-11am, Lunch and Dinner from 11am-8pm
  • Plenty of parking is available beside the restaurant and in front of the church
  • The Lighthouse Café is licensed, and carries a variety of local beers and wines (for those over 19)
  • The location is convenient for grabbing a meal before or after a whale watching tour (beside Brier Island Whale and Seabird Tours)
  • The menu on the website hasn’t been kept up to date, the best idea is to take a look at the menu when you arrive