Lavena’s Catch Café Photo Review

Lavena Catch Cafe Yellow Outside

Bright yellow and located by the Long Island ferry wharf, Lavena’s Catch Café is home cooking & fine dining combined. Savour the fresh seafood (and try the unique Brier Island egg tart) before catching the ferry to Brier Island.

Or make your meal an island-hopping adventure. The ferry between Brier Island & Long Island is free for pedestrians. Take a break from Brier Island and “walk” to Lavena’s Catch for an evening meal.

While you’re there consider booking a whale watching tour at Freeport Whale and Seabird Tours, who have a desk located just inside the entrance of the restaurant.

Our Dining Experience

We went to Lavena’s Catch Café in the evening with high expectations (because of the positive reviews on TripAdvisor) and our meal and experience didn’t disappoint. Don’t leave Brier Island without trying this gem of a seafood restaurant.

Interior of Lavenas Catch

The window seats at Lavena’s Catch Café have a view of the Long Island ferry wharf and the Grand Passage. The inside of the restaurant is light-coloured wood, with an eclectic mix of Maritime-themed decorations on the walls.

Digby Scallops & Pan-fried Haddock

We went straight for the seafood. Lavena’s is home-style cooking which forgoes fancy sauces. Things here are cooked simply and to perfection, so you can appreciate the truly fresh ingredients.

Lavenas Catch Cafe Digby Scallop Dinner

I chose the scallop dinner. Digby scallops are famous for being large and succulent, and when pan-fried they caramelize nicely. If you’re a scallop fan you can get the Digby scallops as an appetizer or as a plated dinner.

The side servings at Lavena’s Catch Café impressed me. Simply cooked, the hand cut carrots, mashed potatoes, and kernel corn were served straight-up. I’m not a fan of heavy salting on my food, and it was a relief to (finally) find a restaurant that didn’t force the salt into me.

Lavenas Catch Haddock Dinner

Less hungry than I, Heather got the Mate’s Diner: a ½ sized serving of the haddock dinner, done in a super-light flour coating.

The haddock was moist, flakey, and noticeably fresh. The coleslaw that came with the meal was crisp & sweet, and had a slight hint of apple.

Date-meringue Pie

Since we had never heard of it before, we chose the date-meringue pie for dessert. It had mashed dates in a dense pastry crust, with whipped meringue on top. Yum.

Typically we split our desserts when dining out, and the staff at Lavena’s Catch Café suggested cutting a slice of pie in half so we could each have a plate. This was a nice touch instead of just bringing two spoons.

Lavenas Date Pie

Brier Island Egg Tarts

Only found on Brier and Long Island, anyone from away may look at an egg tart and (wrongly) assume it’s a quiche. The Brier Island tart is not spongy, sweet, or custardy like a Portuguese, English, or Asian tart. The tart’s most notable feature is that it’s, well … tart.

Brier Island Egg Tart

The Brier Island tart is made with egg, sugar, and vinegar; a combination that may raise your eyebrows.

The filling is moist and has a slightly crumbly / slightly sugary crunch, followed by the sharp taste of vinegar. The pastry shell is thick & dense, and not sweet. This combination might sound questionable but somehow the egg, sugar, vinegar combo blends pleasantly.

To try the Brier Island egg tart you’ll need to be fast (and lucky). The unique treat is popular with the locals and batches go fast. To get yours head to Lavena’s Catch Café, where Aunt Heather occasionally makes them in the morning. They will be gone by noon.

Useful Information

  • Lunch hour is 11:30 – 2PM, Supper hour is 5 – 8 PM, the lounge is open on Saturdays 9 – 1:30AM
  • Lavena’s Catch has its own parking lot, plus additional parking on the street
  • The tables can accommodate larger groups
  • A popular spot for drinks after whale watch tours
  • Free Wi-Fi (password taped to the bar)
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