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The perfect visitor’s companion, the 2016 Brier Island Guide is the most up-to-date tourist information available.

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Should I buy the guide?

In short, yes. Having a print (or digital) copy of the guide while visiting Brier Island is like having your own private tour guide. It has the essential information you need for a visit, plus all the background & stories that make a destination meaningful.

A copy of the guide makes visiting easy, and gives your Brier Island adventure an in-depth quality.

By purchasing the guide you’ll get:

  • All the visitor essentials for Brier Island in a well-organized, colourful, magazine
  • Exclusive 1 day & 2 day itineraries to make your planning easy
  • Top 10 experience list to connect you with the best activities
  • Large, colourful map to help you explore confidently
  • Stories & histories to take you behind the scenes
  • Did You Know? facts to give you local insights
  • Island crossword puzzle to keep your mind sharp
  • Business directories to put you in contact
  • Bonus section to continue your adventure on Long Island & Digby Neck

And the most heartfelt reason to purchase a copy of the guide, you’ll get our sincere gratitude, because without you we couldn’t keep promoting Nova Scotia’s best island.

Buy the digital Brier Island guide
Buy the print Brier Island guide

Print copies of the guide will arrive within 7 to 11 business days after ordering (digital copies can be downloaded immediately).

What the heck is Blurb?

Both the print and digital guides are available for purchase via Blurb; a large online publishing company with a good reputation.

We chose Blurb because they have secure online transactions, efficient customer service, deliver internationally, and accept major credit cards and PayPal.

Using a reputable company like Blurb is our way of protecting your personal information.

Don’t forget to check out the guide’s full preview here.

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