Brier Island Things to Do

Brier Island Things to Do showing Westport

Though only 7km (4.3mi) long, there are plenty of things to do on Brier Island. Enjoy the island’s natural and manmade sights, or settle into the relaxed pace of life in Westport and let Brier Island work its way into your heart.

Keep reading to find out about sightseeing, whale watching, hiking, and shopping on Brier Island.

Whale Watching

brier island zodiac whale watching

One of the most popular things to do on Brier Island is whale watching – the Bay of Fundy attracts five species of whales, year after year. Watch playful humpbacks put on a show, and observe mothers and calves feeding together in the nutrient-rich waters.

Brier Island has three whale watching companies to choose from; departures run from early morning to late afternoon. Tour aboard a full-size boat with comforts like a washroom and a heated observation deck, or hop aboard a zippy Zodiac to get right up close to the gentle giants of the sea.

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Sightseeing on Brier Island west light

Wander amongst the exposed wooden piers and historic houses of Westport to appreciate the charm of this small fishing village. Outside of town, you’ll find three historic lighthouses (at beautiful locations), and a memorial to the famous Brier Island resident Joshua Slocum – in 1895 he was the first person to single-handedly sail around the world.

If you’re looking for solitude go to the Ridge Rocks. There you can witness the powerful tide as it ebbs & sways over a spine of boney basalt rocks. Afterwards relax on the nearby sandy beach of Pond Cove, or explore its grassy meadows (a designated Important Bird Area).

To see more animals head to Brier Wood Farm and meet the alpacas and sheep. Take a walk to Seal Cove and watch the seals as they noisily sun themselves on the rocks.

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Hiking on Brier Island past bryer roses

The best way to take in the coastal scenery and wildlife habitats on Brier Island is to hike the trails. The two most popular hikes are Seal Cove and the Coastal Trail. Seal Cove is a short, easy walk along the coast, while the longer Coastal Trail leads through birding areas and pristine coastal ecosystems protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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Shopping & Crafts

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Brier Island has an assortment of unique crafts made by maritime artists. Antiques, woodcrafts, hooked rugs, paintings, knit crafts, or the popular Brier Island seaglass are some of the souvenirs available. And for everyday purchases there’s a well-stocked general store. You can even find books written about Brier Island.

A hands-on Brier Island activity is rug hooking. Consider signing up for a rug hooking course and learn to make your own souvenir!

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Now you know about things to do on Brier Island. For even more details, get the Brier Island Guide.

With the guide in hand, you won’t miss a thing during your visit to Brier Island.