Brier Island Sights (including Long Island and Digby Neck)

Peter's Lighthouse on Brier Island

Brier Island Sights

Brier Island LighthousesThere are four lighthouses to see from Brier Island: one where the Bay of Fundy begins, and one at the mouth of Grand Passage. Two lighthouses are located on Peter’s Island, in the middle of Grand Passage (only birds can visit them). One is the old lighthouse which still stands, but cannot be used due to structure damage, the other is a modern light post that lights the location of Peter’s Island in the passage.


Brier Island Slocum MemorialOn a hill overlooking Grand Passage, you’ll find a memorial to Joshua Slocum – proud resident of Brier Island, and the first person to single-handedly sail around the world.



Brierwood Farm on Brier IslandVisit Brier Wood Farm to meet the sheep and alpacas who provide the wool for the creations at Hooking by the Sea. The farm’s residents – goats, chickens, bunnies, and a miniature pony – are all waiting to meet you, and the quirky owner Victoria will gladly introduce you to her furry friends and show you around.


Seal Cove Hike on Brier IslandAt low tide, take a short hike to Seal Cove to sight a colony of grey and harbour seals noisily enjoying the sun on the rocks.



Pea Jack Cove rocks on Brier IslandVisit Pea Jack Cove and Pond Cove for great rockhounding while the tide is out. The geologic formation of Brier Island means it’s possible to find amethyst, jasper, and calcite inside the stones.



Ridge Rocks on Brier IslandFor an energetic interaction with Brier Island’s geology, head to the coast where tall basalt columns cluster together like tiny skyscrapers. Explore the coastline, stepping from rock-to-rock on their flat tops.


Seaglass on Brier IslandIn Westport, explore the pebble beaches below the wharves at low tide to find seaglass and other treasures.



Benches on the Beach, Brier IslandWhen the tide is high, take the opportunity to stroll through town. While you admire Westport’s architecture, don’t forget to look towards the water. You could spot the Benches on the Beach, where you can enjoy the view and leave a message in the guestbook.


Quirky sign on Brier IslandYou never know what sights you’ll find on a walk through Westport, keep your eyes open for playful homemade signs and picturesque scenery along the water’s edge.

Long Island Sights

Boar's Head Lighthouse on Long IslandPerched on a cliff, the Boar’s Head Lighthouse is a short drive (or moderate walk) up the hill from the Tiverton ferry wharf. Wave to the whale watching tours as they go by, or sit at a picnic table and enjoy the view of the ferry as it travels across Petit Passage.

Balancing Rock sign on Long IslandA short drive down highway 217 takes you to Balancing Rock: Nature’s Timepost. Read about the geology of Balancing Rock’s formation, then hike the trail to see the wonder of nature with your own eyes.


Central Grove Provincial Park sign on Long IslandAt Central Grove Provincial Park there’s a hike to the Fundy coast, and plenty of picnic tables if you’d simply like to relax. The well-maintained washroom facilities (no-flush) are wheelchair accessible.

Digby Neck Sights

High Cliff Cove LookoffNear the town of Digby, hike out High Cliff Cove. There’s a grassy look off & picnic area perfect for relaxing on a nice day and enjoying the view.



Seawall on Digby NeckAt the Seawall, the brown, sandy beach is covered with shells, stones, and seaweed at low tide. Take off your shoes, explore tidal pools, and admire the scenery.



Lake Midway PlaceholderOn a hot day, stop at Lake Midway Provincial Park to enjoy a dip in the lake, or eat lunch at one of the picnic tables. Boat launch and bathroom facilities available.



Sandy Cove on Digby NeckBring a chair to enjoy the wide, sunny beach at Sandy Cove, home of “Jerome’s Rock”. Learn about Jerome – Sandy Cove’s mysterious visitor – from the plaque in the parking lot.

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