Free Brier Island Map

The internet makes planning a vacation easy – unfortunately for Brier Island, there isn’t much to be found online.

We understand your frustration (because it was ours too), and we’ve done something about it – we’ve created a detailed, full-color Brier Island Map that you can download for free.

(Click on the map below to see the full size version)

Brier Island Map - Tourist Map

As all seasoned travelers know, a map is the single most useful thing to have with you when you arrive at your destination. Having a map in advance means less to worry about when you arrive.

And because we want everyone to enjoy their visit to Brier Island, the map will always be free for anyone to download.


—Heather & Tim


Check out our full guide for a copy of the map, as well as accommodation and restaurant reviews, sights on Brier Island, and detailed information on hiking trails.

Brier Island Guide Cover Image