Free Brier Island Map

Visitors deserve to experience the best of Brier Island, and to have a good time doing so. That’s why we made this map of the island colourful & fun. The Brier Island map below is yours, free.

We’ve been visiting Brier Island for years. We love it, and we were sad to discover many of our friends had never been (if they even knew about it at all). Brier Island didn’t have much of an online presence.

To help friends appreciate Brier Island we took photos and drew a map. This led to Brier Island Guide (and our Brier Island map).

We hope you find the map, website, and accompanying guide as stunning as Brier Island itself.

Regards, Heather & Tim

PS – click on the map for a larger version

Brier Island Map - Tourist Map

Quick tips for visiting Brier Island

Brier Island is only 15 mi / 25 km all the way around, yet it’s packed with sights. You’ll need at least two days to appreciate them all, but the main sights can be done in one day. Explore the Brier Island Guide website; it will help you plan a better trip. Here are our top tips to get you started:

Visit these sights at low tide:

  • Seal Cove. The aptly named Seal Cove (usually) features seals sunning themselves on the rocks. At low tide many seals will be out of the water. At high tide you only see tiny seal heads as they swim in the water.
  • The Polygonal Rocks. The polygonal rocks near the Slocum monument are easy to get to (the parking area is right next to them). The rocks are unique-looking and great for exploring and photos… but they are mostly underwater during high tide.
  • Ridge Rocks. The mighty current at Ridge Rocks is remarkable at high or low tide, but the ridge is more exposed (hence impressive) at low tide.

When is low tide? The tide changes daily but is predictable; go to our Links page and look under Tides & Transportation. Government tide tables for Westport are available months in advance.

Sunset at West Lighthouse: The West Lighthouse area is the westernmost point of Nova Scotia, and in clear weather it’s a delightful spot to watch the sunset. Great for both photographers and romantics.

The seagulls at Whipple Point: If you hike out to Whipple Point (near West Lighthouse) be prepared for beauty… and seagulls. The area is a nesting ground and the seagulls get loud and defensive. To distract you from their babies they will squawk warnings, fake injuries, and swoop near you.

Public toilets: On the Brier Island map we’ve shown every public toilet, but the only public washroom with flush plumbing is located by the Icehouse Giftshop. There’s a wooden outhouse on the road to West Lighthouse, and a surprisingly clean porta-potty at the ferry wharf.

Warm clothing: Even the hottest summer days are cool on Brier Island. A warm sweater and a pair of pants will keep you comfortable as you admire the coastal scenery. Warm clothing is especially recommended for a whale watching tour.

Our Brier Island Map will help you discover the people, seafood, and scenery – everything that makes this island so charming. If you’d like a large colour copy of the map check out our print guide. Having the guide with you (and all its great extras) will surely make your visit to Brier Island rewarding.

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